Are Same Day Crowns Better Than the Conventional Crowns?

Are Same Day Crowns Better Than the Conventional Crowns?

A dental crown is a cap like prosthesis that rests over the surface of a broken or damaged tooth, and provides strength and support to the remaining tooth structure. Conventionally, the placement of a dental crown required two to three visits, in addition to a waiting period of about two weeks before the crowns could be inserted into the patient’s mouth, while they were being fabricated in the dental laboratory. This process was quite time consuming, and the patients had to wait for weeks to get their crowns cemented. Fortunately, with the advent of digital dentistry, crowns can now be fabricated in a single day, and that too within the dental office!

What Are Same Day Crowns

These crowns are similar to the conventional crowns in their structure and function, however, the only difference between them is that the same day crowns are fabricated by using the Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD CAM) technology. This is a technique where a digital image of the required prostheses is fed into a computer, which is then fabricated with the help of a milling machine.

How Are Same Day Crowns Made?

Fabrication of same day crowns eliminate the need for extensive laboratory procedures, and they are designed and fabricated within the dentist’s office. The procedure involves following steps:

How Much Time Do Same Day Crowns Require?

Since the complete procedure of fabrication of dental crowns, from impression to designing and manufacturing has been digitized, the time required for their fabrication is remarkably reduced. Once the required tooth preparation has been performed, patients only have to wait for an hour or so, while the prosthesis is being made.

Are They Really Better Than The Conventional Crowns?

In terms of the number of steps and visits required for their fabrication, same day crowns can be certainly considered better than the convention crowns. Unfortunately, they may not be suitable for the front teeth, as they are not as esthetic as the ones made in the laboratory. Overall, they can be considered as a less time consuming and hassle free alternative to the conventional crowns.

Do You Need Same Day Crowns?

If you need crowns for your crooked or root canal treated teeth and cannot wait for2-3 weeks to get them made in the laboratory, then the same day crowns is the best restorative option for you. We are one of the top dentists in North York, and can provide you with high quality dental crowns, that will now only restore the function of your teeth, but also provide you with a smile that you always dreamed of. So book an appointment with us today, and let us handle the rest for you!


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