The Importance of Looking After Your Children’s Dental Health

The Importance of Looking After Your Children’s Dental Health

 Parents play a pivotal role in ensuring that their children have a good oral hygiene, especially during the early years. Unfortunately, many people think that looking after their baby’s milk teeth is not important, since they will be replaced with the permanent teeth in a few years. The reality is that the milk teeth should be looked after in the same way as the permanent teeth, as there is a direct relationship between a child’s dental health and overall physical wellbeing. The Canadian Dental Association states that parents should take their children for their first visit to the dentist within 6 months of the eruption of their first tooth.

Why Are Primary Teeth Important?

Primary teeth in children appear around 6 months, and are typically fully erupted between the age of 2-3. The milk teeth perform the following vital functions:

The Parents’ Role

Dr. Rimma Portman stresses to parents the importance of teaching their children to brush their teeth regularly and eat and balanced and healthy diet. Parents can instill good oral hygiene habits, which become instinctual as they grow and mature, and ensure good physical and dental health throughout their life.

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